Tuesday 24 April 2012

Indietronica #2

First up is The Soft Moon. I don't know alot about this guy but I DO know that he is playing at Loppen on may 22. Come see it if your in town! The style is dark and lowfi but also futuristic at the same time.
120 Days is actualy pretty well known but I will promote them anyway because I really like them and they are playing Roskilde this year.. So yeah.. Go see them if you're going =) They are much more upbeat, and danceable than The Soft Moon.
Astronautalis is an US based Hiphop/Indietronica artist who I have alot of respect for. I have never seen someone alone on stage, with nothing but a microphone and a labtop (for backtrack), that had such an amazing stage presence. Tjek THIS video for the same song I embeded below in an incredible live version (bevare of a short "Dell Summer Rocks" intro before the song starts).
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip is English Hiphop/Electro but I will lump them into this indietronica post for my own convenience. You've probably heard Thou Shalt Always Kill but if you haven't heard the rest of Angles you should. The embeded song below is from their second album The Logic of Chance and though the vibe is a bit different it really grew on me the more I heard it.

Monday 16 April 2012

Mutated Metal #1

Mutated Metal will not follow any specific genre of metal but will mostly be about Technical, (Post)Black, Drone and Experimental/Avant Garde Metal.
Animals As Leaders are very technical, almost jazz like, instrumental Djent from the US.
Blut Aus Nord is a French black metal band. So far I have only heard the "777 Sect(s)" album, but I'm working on that error.
Altar of Plagues is Irish Black/Post/Drone-Metal. They have a massive sound and loooong tracks (the first track on the album "Mammal" is close to 20 minuttes).
Monarch is an international drone-like metal band, with the current members living all around the world. I told the drummer that I felt they played a unique mix of the styles of "Sunn O)))" and "Earth" and he didn't seem offended so that would be my best description. Distorted Guitar Feeds, Slow (and I mean REALLY slow) drumming and the distorted screams of vokalist Emilie Bresson. Oh and even longer tracks than Altar of Plagues.

Indietronica #1

Indie with strong roots in electronic music like Downbeat and IDM. And the term indie shoudn't be confused with indiepop or indierock but more as a type of free hybrid music.
180° Virvar are Danish and have a new album in the works.
Ugress are from Norway and have loads of albums out. I can especially recomend Cinematronics.
Sällskapet is a project of Swedish musician Joakim Thåström where he goes into dark and somtimes ambient-like indietronica.
Ekko is the solo project of Frithjof Toksvig, who you might know from Mikael Simpsons liveact "Mikael Simpson & Sølvstorm". He is also part of "Vi Sidder Bare Her", with Simpson and Jørgen Leth !BEWARE DANISH BEYOND THIS LINK!
HTRK is Australian group that you should check out live if you ever get the chance!

Sunday 15 April 2012

Psychill #1

Psychill is PsyTrance taken downtempo and with more variated rythm structures. Here's a selection, both new and old.

Darkambient #1

This is just thick and flowing down the walls.

Crossbreed #1

I haven't explored this genre that much yet, so only a few tracks at this time. The genre can best be described as Hardcore with healthy doses of Drum'n'Bass, IDM and Breakcore.

Mutation Dubstep #1

Ok there is gonna be alot of these because I'm really into Darkstep, Drumstep, Industrialstep and so on. All of these artists (exept 2methyl) have releases on Ad Noiseam which is an awesome label.

Cyber Glitch #1

This first post is about Cyber Glitch. I'm not sure that is an actual genre but it's the most descriptive words for this type of music. All of these artists are on Tympanik and if you like this kind of music you can find more artists there.