Saturday 13 October 2012

Cyberglitch #3

A little Cyberglitch this tirred sunday.

First is Tineidae (yet another tympanik artist). The album is amazing with lots of nice tracks!

Anklebiter is also on tympanik and has a new album out called Raintree.

Candle Nine made a EP not long ago that you can get for "name your price" at his bandcamp. I think it's some of his best work.

Anklebiter - When Your Ghosts Outnumber Your Living from Tanner Volz on Vimeo.

Friday 12 October 2012


I think I'm just gonna lump all the crazy and agressive things I find in this category from now on!

Endah!! Download EP for free. It's War from here on out!

Iszoloscope. This was intoduced to me very resently but I've been listening to it alot. Style ranges from Darkambient through Darkpsy into Industrial and Breakcore.

Maruosa!! Japanese Speed/Breakcore!! Insane xD

Passenger of Shit.. The name speaks for itself I guess...

The Outside Aggency. Newest EP and new album on the way! =D

Deathmachine. Newest EP of niceness!

Last up is The Teknoist. Another free ep! A bit more downtempo... SlowCore? Whatever, I'm tired!

Mutation Dubstep #3

Time flyes! Time for more Dubstep!

First up is Matta and Niveau Zero! They made a collaboration EP and it's out on Adnoise Am (and Niveau Zero got more on the way).

Resently there was a remix competition for Niveau Zero's "First (feat. The Unik)" and someone called Llamatron won. Embeded below is one of my favorite tracks from him that I found because of the contest. WARSTEP!!!

I don't know anything about "Latino Resiste", but I really like this track from something called Latino Resiste Vol 1 (full album on mediafire link found on their soundcloud profile!?).

This track by Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) has apparently been on soundcloud for a year, but the album "Stunt Rythms" is brand new! More dubstep than on the first Two Fingers album but still awesome Amon Style!!

Last track is by Zardonic & Krusha. Brostep, and the album is a mixed pleasure with some pretty weak tracks (lots of trance-inspired-vocals) but there are some real pearls on it too with Mechagodzilla being the best imo. Found it because DJ Hidden had it on a nice DJ set he made.