Saturday 19 May 2012

Last post (Bonus)

Best Video Ever!!!

Indietronica #3

Last post for now. Just wanted to let everyone kow that Larvae have a new album out on Ad Noiseam called Exit Strategy that is pure ear candy. He even made a nice video to the title track (featuring robots!!!).
Did I already post some Holy Fuck? If I did it was probably the track Red Lights because of the cat-urlicious video, but below is my favorite track from them. Epic Symphonic Goodness!

Mutated Metal #2

I present to you my new favorite thing! Whourkr is the two artists Igorrr and Mulk who are working together to create insanity! I would describe the music as sort of a mix between Breakcore and Deathmetal.
I guess thats all for now, so I'm gonna throw in a track from one of Whoyrkr's older albums ;)

Mutation Dubstep #2 (Bonus)

A little extra goodies =)
Amon Tobin (of Ninja Tunes fame) made a Remix album of his amazing Splinter Cell 3 - Chaos Theory soundtrack. Aprently it's being used as the soundtrack for Splinter Cell 3D. Or something.
And Dope D.O.D. is Dutch hardcore grime with lots of wobble. The Album "Branded" is sort of a mixed experience but there are some pretty fucking cool tracks on it!

Mutation Dubstep #2

Time for some more dubstep!
First up is 2methylBulbe1ol (again). He made a new EP called Golem (Soundcloud) and it's awesome. The track below is the chill track of that EP.
Then we have Scorn. I don't think all of their albums are dubstep, but the album I'm listening to currently is. It's called "Stealth".
Then we have the Björk's "Biophilia Remix Series". The track is the b-side of the first of this series with 2 remixes by Current Value. They both kick all kinds of ass.
Karsten Pflum from DK. He have an awesome release on Hymen called No Noia My Love where he mixes his regular style with dubstep elements! Sadly the more "Dubsteppy" tracks aren't on youtube. Heres is a link to Hymen's stupid site that uses frames so I can't link directly to anything >|
Remember I posted some Vex'd? Here's part of that duo going by the alias Jamie Vex'd. He makes strange post dubstep now apparently.
Finaly Clubroot just released a new album, "MMXII". It's really good, so get your hands on it somehow.

Soundcloud links are fucked?

It seems like there's some problem with my soundcloud links in previous posts. Untill I find out why they no longer work I'll just post youtube links instead.