Friday 12 October 2012

Mutation Dubstep #3

Time flyes! Time for more Dubstep!

First up is Matta and Niveau Zero! They made a collaboration EP and it's out on Adnoise Am (and Niveau Zero got more on the way).

Resently there was a remix competition for Niveau Zero's "First (feat. The Unik)" and someone called Llamatron won. Embeded below is one of my favorite tracks from him that I found because of the contest. WARSTEP!!!

I don't know anything about "Latino Resiste", but I really like this track from something called Latino Resiste Vol 1 (full album on mediafire link found on their soundcloud profile!?).

This track by Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) has apparently been on soundcloud for a year, but the album "Stunt Rythms" is brand new! More dubstep than on the first Two Fingers album but still awesome Amon Style!!

Last track is by Zardonic & Krusha. Brostep, and the album is a mixed pleasure with some pretty weak tracks (lots of trance-inspired-vocals) but there are some real pearls on it too with Mechagodzilla being the best imo. Found it because DJ Hidden had it on a nice DJ set he made.

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