Thursday 19 July 2012

Cyberglitch #2 (Plus Dub, IDM and EBM)

This is going to be a mess but I think most of theese tracks fit the same basic mood (Melancholy), but they are pretty widespread, genre-wise.
Here we go!
The album Hollow by Known Rebel is pretty awesome. Apart from nice tracks it also features remixes by personal favourites like 2methylBulbe1ol and Access to Arasaka. It's out on Tympanik.
And another Denovali artist, Sankt Otten.
Then there is ESA (anotherone from Tympanik). The album is pretty high tempo and pretty much Cyber-EBM but the track below is more mellow.
I found Lorn because someone on a forum called him Depression Incarnated. I'm not sure I agree but it certanly is very melancholic, and the new album Ask the Dust is my newest addition to the vinyl collection =)
Oh and while we are at nice videos on vimeo the new Stendeck video for the track Catch the Midnight Girl is also quite good. But BEWARE now we move out of melancholia and into something a bit lighter and optimistic so if you want to stay in the mood stop watching.
The final track is by Scuba and from his new album Personality. It's sort of a revival of 90's UK rave I think, and it's alot like 90's Underworld.
By the way I apologize for not doing more research and linking to more info about the bands. I don't really have the energi for that kind of effort right now.

Lorn - Diamond from mase on Vimeo.

Stendeck - Catch the midnight girl from Andrea Todaro on Vimeo.

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